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National On-Site Testing (NOST) is an Atlanta-based company dedicated to providing timely and accurate specimen collection for substance abuse testing. We are able to collect urine, breath alcohol, blood, hair and oral fluids. We also provide DNA specimen collection, and staff corporate Wellness Events anywhere in the United States.

NOST is working with virtually every segment of the drug testing industry. We are presently serving:

  • The major laboratories nationwide
  • Third Party Administrators (TPA’s)
  • Medical Review Officers (MRO’s)
  • Corporate Clientele that includes Major Airlines, Trucking, Ocean & River Vessels
  • Professional, Collegiate and High School sports teams
  • Government and Municipalities

Our on-site collection process reduces production downtime and thwarts adulteration attempts of the specimen. We adhere to 49 CFR part 40 government regulations with strict Chain of Custody controls. In addition, NOST carries complete business liability coverage.

In all cases, confidentiality with our customers is of supreme importance. As we continue to develop relationships built on integrity and principle, our promise is to respect both the spirit and content of all aspects of the agreements we enter into with our clients.

National On-Site Testing, Inc.
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Fax: 770.957.6995
John Hill, President/CEO
770-898-8969 or 877-431-6683
E-mail: john@nationalonsitetesting.com
William Hill, Vice-President
E-mail: william@nationalonsitetesting.com